Introducing OHBEE! (Our Supervisor)

A young Rottweiler CattleDog X who is a major part of the family here at Lagoon view Nursery.

He was a giveaway and the idea was to have a big dog for guarding but OhBee had other ideas!

He is a LOVER not A FIGHTER!!! He appointed himself supervisor and can be found watching all of us work, be it potting, weeding, digging holes, planting plants. He is always with one of us and often goes off to check on everyone else, Just making sure we are working hard and not slacking off!

He has a tractor obsession that he is trying to get help for but Ohh the pretty smoke that comes out of it... It's so hard to resist!

He is always on hand to greet the customers and is quite disgusted when he gets called away. He believes every customer needs to give him a pat or get a lick before their day is complete!!!! When he isn’t supervising his favorite activity are swimming in the dams and making sure the sprinklers are working properly.